If you view exercise as an obligation, something you “have to” do, or as a means to and end – like losing weight – then you will most likely “fall off the wagon”, and unfortunately, you will probably never really experience the best version of yourself.

Let’s start with what exercise is not.

Exercise is NOT:

  • A punishment
  • A begrudging burden
  • Something you use to “work off” indulgences, or eating more than you “should have”
  • Something you de-prioritize
  • Anticipate as being painful
  • About weight loss

Exercise is:

  • All about building a healthy body
  • Something our bodies deserve
  • To be enjoyed, and make you happy
  • To be anticipated with enthusiasm and excitement
  • A way to feel strong
  • Empowering
  • A confidence builder
  • An opportunity for self-care
  • “Me-Time”
  • A chance to feel more alive
  • A way to fall in love with what your body can do
  • An opportunity for … fill in the blank
  • A privilege

If you are exercising because you are ashamed of your body, body parts, feel guilt about what you ate, or what you want to eat, then you would likely benefit from seeing a counselor to help you heal, emotionally. Negative self-talk is not inspiring, and never motivates on a long term basis

Exercise is a Beautiful Tribute to Your Ability to Move.

Our bodies are meant to move. Our brains thrive off movement, and we are meant to live fully, without physical limits – especially those physical limits due to our not exercising. Supporting your body to move optimally can help you far beyond the walls of a gym, a treadmill, or Stairmaster. Being physically active – even if it’s just for 30-minutes every day – can help us maintain our weight and muscle mass, inspire us to eat healthy, ward off chronic illness, empower us, make us feel vibrant, alive, and give us inner peace. The benefits to exercise are something we can be grateful for.

And you don’t have to workout, you get to work out. Here are some simple tips:

  1. Start where you are. So you can’t run 5 miles – can you walk around the block? Can you take 1 flight of stairs at work? Start where you are.
  2. Find what you love – do what you love – Do you love to Dance? Swim? Spin? Walk your dog? Walk with a friend? Walk in the woods? Run with a group? Lift weights? Would you like to join a Zoomba, Pilates, or Boot Camp Class? Play golf, tennis, ice hockey? Play an exercise tape? Do what you love!
  3. Revel in your ability to move – no matter where you start. It’s better to start slow so not to get injured. You can always build up you endurance, strength, flexibility and balance. Start slow.
  4. Choose to seek the positive things that movement has to offer because you deserve the gift of being fit. Be Positive.

Be Inspired By You

And What You Can Do!