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Cathy H

My biggest fear was that I would not be able to be helped, and that I would continue to struggle to lose weight, and struggle to feel healthy. Instead, with Beth’s expertise and positive support and guidance, she has helped me to achieve my goals. She has taught me the basics of staying active and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Beth has always provided positive and attainable goals, She makes everything simple and easy to …Read More

Cathy Hull October 13, 2016


Beth is an expert on nutrition and offers so many ways to make small changes in your diet that lead to very big, positive changes in your energy level, emotional well being, and overall health. She provides so much useful information and great insight, as well stress relieving tips. She helps you create realistic goals that are very comfortable and attainable in a very relaxed and encouraging atmosphere. She is professional, knowledgeable, caring, and just …Read More

T.D. October 13, 2016

T Mauriello

If you need to be a healthier you, get in touch with Beth Candela. She will help you to feel stronger, be healthier and live a better quality of life.

T. Mauriello October 13, 2016

Paige Sato

I think my biggest apprehension prior to hiring Beth was my ability to implement her suggestions. It’s easy to think about changes, but a bit more difficult to actually make those changes stick. Beth started me with the 3 Tiny Habits—each session we would discuss three small (but effective) habits, write them down, and then the she would follow up with my progress at the next session. Instead of making huge (and seemingly insurmountable) goals …Read More

Paige Sato October 13, 2016

C. Tierno

Beth is AWESOME !!!!!!! I recently was diagnosed with Celiac and was having a hard time finding my way though. Beth Helped explain it all to me and figure out the whats and why’s and has put me on track to a healthier and happier life. I have made incredible progress with her guidance. She is truly AMAZING ! Thank you

C. Tierno January 16, 2017

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