Nutrition and Fitness for Pre-Teens and Teens

heart7This program is designed for pre-teens and teens, ages 10 to 17, along with their parent(s) or guardian(s). This program is designed to help pre-teens and teens develop lifelong healthy eating habits.

A six-session age-appropriate program emphasizing food and fitness, including:

  • Initial One-Hour Consultation Session with Parent and Teen
  • Personalized, age-appropriate nutrition plan for pre-teens and teens
  • Review of home eating environment and habits
  • Tips to manage weight while growing
  • Portion management
  • Techniques to avoid and/or manage pitfalls that can ruin your best intentions
  • Mindful vs Emotional Eating
  • Improve body image and self-image
  • Building a healthy, positive relationship with food
  • Enjoying social situations with food
  • Simple strategies to increase fitness and activity level
  • Encouraging motivational strategies

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